Do I Live In a CULT? | Google Thinks I Do

Why is  “Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage cult” the first term that comes up in Google when users search Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage? In this video, I’ll examine the characteristics experts use to determine if a group is a cult and see how my community measures up.

Do I live in a cult? Does my community meet the criteria to be a cult, or is Google misleading everyone who searches for my community?

The Neighborhood Soil Making Movement

Josh Whiton from came through St Petersburg, FL last winter teaching classes on community composting, or soil making, as he calls it. He’s organizing an effort to set up neighborhood scale composting worldwide and better connect people to the land and their community. He explains his plans and philosophy around creating a regenerative economy that will restore the planet instead of destroying it.

Join the movement!

How are plastic rings back?

25 years ago or so beverage companies voluntarily did away with plastic can rings under pressure from concerned consumers and environmental groups. Now they are back, and provide a great example of how capitalism is relentless in its drive to destroy the planet, and how in order to keep it from destroying the planet even faster, we have to be constantly vigilant in keeping it in check. It’s exhausting and requires way too much mental, financial, and political resources.

Comparing Two Ecovillages: Dancing Rabbit and St. Pete

This is a little video of my musings on the differences between, positive and negative, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and the newly started St Pete Ecovillage. Both of these villages are providing a great model for living more sustainably, but they are located in completely different places geographically, demographically, and politically. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each location? Find out in this exploration of different factors.

Lake Erie’s Real Monster and the Ruins of Cleveland’s Mass Transit

Over twenty years ago a monster took over Lake Erie and has been wreaking havok on its ecosystems ever since.  In this video we take a walk along Lake Erie, , see the signs of the Lake Erie monster, and also find some ruins of an electric trolley system that was scrapped way back in 1937.  Then we visit my old stomping grounds and the patch of land that inspired my interest in grapes.