Do I Live In a CULT? | Google Thinks I Do

Why is  “Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage cult” the first term that comes up in Google when users search Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage? In this video, I’ll examine the characteristics experts use to determine if a group is a cult and see how my community measures up.

Do I live in a cult? Does my community meet the criteria to be a cult, or is Google misleading everyone who searches for my community?


  1. As long as ya don’t tell me who to worship. I’m fine.
    I don’t drive my own car however I have 1 car. My partner does all the driving and errands.
    I don’t drive anymore.
    I’m sustainable to the best of my ability. I need help.
    Keep warm kiddos! My friend in Missouri says it’s really cold!
    I’m in Todos Santos BCS México. Come visit sometime. It’s warm lol

    • Nope, we don’t have any requirements about religion, other than you are free to worship nothing, or whoever and whatever you want. It does get cold in Missouri, but this hasn’t been a very cold winter, I’m told. I’ve spent the winter in Florida. I’d love to come visit you in Mexico! Maybe next winter.

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