We Built the Tesla of Backyard Pizza Ovens In 4 Days

Ever tasted artisan Romano pizza baked in a cob oven? It’s one of the most delicious foods there is, and you can build your own cob pizza oven pretty quickly on the cheap and with a little sweat equity. We built one last year in just 4 days during a workshop at Sweetwater Farm in Tampa, FL. And this isn’t just any backyard pizza oven. This is the Cadillac, or should I say, Tesla, of cob ovens, with extra insulation and a fire brick floor and hearth.

We sourced local white/gray clay, sand, and straw to build the bulk of the oven. The foundation was constructed from reclaimed landscaping blocks and broken concrete, so most of the oven was built from local, natural, and waste materials.

The oven is now used by entrepreneur and pizzaiolo Greg Seymour to bake his highly sought after, award winning Romano-style pizza. The oven gives the pizza crust delicious charred bubbles that add a whole new dimension to a pizza. Turning garbage into gold.

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