I Fixed a Dead Chest Freezer and Turned It Into a Chest Fridge

My old superefficient Sundanzer freezer was DOA when I got back to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage from Florida last spring. This time, I wanted to convert a chest freezer to a fridge with an external thermostat. That way it would be more efficient because it wouldn’t dump the cold every time I opened the door. But when I looked into chest freezers, they were not available and were on backorder for months into the future.

But I noticed a number of appliances on the curb in the village waiting to be brought in for recycling, one of which was a small freezer that still looked in good shape. I thought I’d do some troubleshooting and see if I could get it running again.




The Off-Grid Way to Deal with SH*T: Turn a Liability Into an Asset

Everybody has to shit, but in our culture and economy, human waste is nothing but a liability and potential health hazard. And what’s crazier is that we mix it with our drinking water and create an even bigger problem.

Well, at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we don’t have elaborate plumbing and water systems to cart all our human waste away to be treated in a plant or dumped directly into the local river or ocean. We keep all our human waste on site, where it becomes a benign yet beneficial resource for agriculture. We not only save millions in infrastructure expenses, but we save water, we don’t pollute our drinking water, and we end up with a valuable soil amendment.

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Rocket Man Kyle Demos Amazing Rocket Stove Flat Cooking Surface

Kyle of the Dancing Rabbit Critters gives us a tour of the “cooking appliances” in their community outdoor kitchen. They cook without fossil fuel using waste wood and solar energy to make their meals.

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