The Off-Grid Way to Deal with SH*T: Turn a Liability Into an Asset

Everybody has to shit, but in our culture and economy, human waste is nothing but a liability and potential health hazard. And what’s crazier is that we mix it with our drinking water and create an even bigger problem.

Well, at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we don’t have elaborate plumbing and water systems to cart all our human waste away to be treated in a plant or dumped directly into the local river or ocean. We keep all our human waste on site, where it becomes a benign yet beneficial resource for agriculture. We not only save millions in infrastructure expenses, but we save water, we don’t pollute our drinking water, and we end up with a valuable soil amendment.

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  1. Dan,
    Do you use human urine for fertilizer? It’s sterile so doesn’t need the time to break down into a pathogen-free soil amendment. I’ve also heard male urine is better than female urine – for some reason that I haven’t been able to determine yet. A small eco-village in Portland uses some of its urine to grow tall, sturdy corn.


      We do use urine as a fertilizer as well. There is something you can do as well where you let urine sit for a while and it becomes even better as a fertilizer. I may do a video on it sometime.

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