Permaculture Tour of Dancing Rabbit’s Orchard and Food Forest

The is a spring permaculture tour of the DR orchard, which was first planted around time the founders bought the land over 20 years ago. Parts of the orchard have gone in and out of production over the years, but some of the fruit and nut trees have been steadily growing and are almost to the point of paying off.

Look what climate change is doing to my vineyard

The crazy fluctuations in movement of the jet stream these days caused by the warming of the Arctic are leading to extreme variations in winter temps, which wreaks havoc on even the hardiest of grape varieties.

A lot of farmers in the US are denying climate change instead of anticipating and preparing for it. If they were smart, like European farmers, they would be doing something about it, or at least not denying its existence.

Making a Nouveau Wine from Homegrown Organic Grapes Part 1

Nouveau wines are native to the Beaujolais region of France and are known for their fruity freshness. They are one of the first wines to be ready to drink and they have to be drunk soon because they lack some of the preservatives that other red wines have, such as oak tannins.

Every season I make a Nouveau wine from some of my grapes. In the next few videos I’ll take you through the process.