Permaculture Harvest: Making Black Currant Juice

This video includes some lost footage of processing and drinking black currant juice. Black currant is a hardy and useful plant that can fit into any permaculture planting and its fruit has one of the highest antioxident levels of any fruit. Don’t be alarmed if you see some alligators in this video too.


  1. Is the Dancing Rabbit community actively planting a permaculture landscape? I remember black currants growing wild in Minnesota, along with gooseberries and chokecherries, which made good jams. Do you have these plants also or have you put some into the landscape?


      There are parts of the village that have active permaculture plantings, and a few food forest projects of individuals. I planted my black currant bushes and they are a cultivar. We do have a wild gooseberry that has sparse black fruit, but no black currants as far as I know. We do have wild chokecherries too.

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