Tips for Planting Fall Strawberries for a Berry Bonanza

Heading out to the vineyard to plant a new bed of strawberries.  Strawberries are one crop I can count on to always do well where I live, and I think they might be the best fruit crop you can grow anywhere.  They flower and fruit so early in the year, there isn’t time for anything to get to them.  They’re also easy to establish and they fruit abundantly a year after planting. In this video I give some tips for moving a strawberry bed and ensuring the plants get a good start in the spring.

Unusual Fruit: Starting Goji and Sea Buckthorn from Seed

Part of living sustainably is getting your food as locally as possible. To maximize the productivity, diversity, and sustainability of foods you get in your diet locally, it’s a good idea to know all the crops that produce the best in your climate using organic methods. There may be many potentially useful fruits available and adapted to your climate that you don’t know about. Continue reading

Permaculture Fruit: My Espaliered Pear Harvest

Though the rain put a damper on my garden plans this season, it was a good year for pears.  I harvested over a bushel of pears from two of my pear trees.  One is a Bartlett espaliered against my garden shed, and the other is a standard Moonglow.  Both are only several years old and this is the first significant harvest I’ve gotten.  It’s great to be reaping the fruits of my labor!

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