What I Found When I Tore Up My Earthen Floor: It’s Not What I Thought

I had such high ideals and hopes for my earthen floor being a badge of honor in not using any non natural materials in my house. I originally insulated it with light clay straw because I wanted to use a natural material. In my opinion, my earthen floor has ended up being the only mistake I made in my strawbale house. It has served fine, but it’s always been sinking, leading to cracks and ruts and the need for maintenance. I didn’t know why my floor was sinking, though I had my suspicions.

In this video we find out what was going on under all that cob, and we begin a series of videos showing the process of totally redoing my earthen floor. It’s a big project and it took some time, but one of the great things about cob is it’s ability to be reused. Being able to just add water to the old floor material and relay it saved an astronomical amount of time.

To see the videos I refer to in the end of this video, click the links below.

Japanology Plus on earthen plaster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10R60bMjorw

Early video on design details of my tiny house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4rlp7DIC7M&t=831s

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