Tropical Summer Greens in My Midwestern Garden

This is a little tour of my garden later in the summer. I started some tropical plants to grow for the midsummer heat and they are thriving. But I’ve also been having some problems with critters eating my regular temperate crops, such as corn. My ideal would be to grow enough corn to provide for my needs, even while I phase out rice in favor of the crop that I can actually easily grow in my part of the country. But if I lose most of the crop to the critters, then maybe it isn’t such a good crop to grow. What will I have to do to be able to get a good crop?


  1. My brother has had good luck playing talk radio at night in the garden to keep the critters out of his corn. The downside is using electricity, of course, and noise pollution. (He doesn’t have to worry about noise where he lives as the garden is far from any houses). He hasn’t had further issues since he started doing this.


      thanks for the suggestion. I have heard of doing that. It would be interesting to try, but i do have neighbors. Maybe something low volume would work too. Worth a try. My next option might be electric fencing.

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