The BEST Lasagna Made From Homegrown Ingredients

I often see permaculture videos about people growing food, but I rarely see them actually eating the food they produce. Do they end up eating all those hazelnuts, or aronia, or veggies? My philosophy is that if I’m not going to eat it, I’m not going to spend time and space growing it. Over the years, I’ve transitioned my gardens to just the stuff I’m likely to eat, and for things like pears, I can’t help but grow lot, so I sell whatever I can’t eat.

People make lasagna all the time, but in the US they rarely make it truly from scratch from homegrown ingredients. When I make lasagna I use all the homegrown ingredients I can. The only thing I haven’t been able to grow myself is the semolina in the noodles and the olive oil. Food tastes like a whole other animal when it’s made from homegrown ingredients.


  1. I like it with homegrown spinach in it, too.

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