Springtime Mystery: How do worms end up in my rain barrels?

It’s been a little while since I posted a video. I’ve been busy with early season tasks like getting the garden in and tending the vineyard, but I’ve got a lot of videos coming soon. This is a little early season vignette.

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  1. I sometimes get worms in my rainwater barrel also. They are being washed off of the roof by the rain. If there is any duff at all on the roof, if any leaves have blown up there at any time, if any dirt has accumulated, it’s possible tiny worm eggs attached to any of these have hatched and there has been enough moisture to keep the worms alive eating and burrowing in the duff. If it has been too dry, the eggs can survive until the time is right–like rain falling–to hatch later. In either case the eggs are very small to see so you would only notice the worms after they’ve hatched. If there is enough air in the water, they can survive for awhile without drowning.

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