Post-season Permaculture: Volunteer Asparagus and Hardy Greens from Saved Seed

There’s always something to do after the garden is mostly put to bed for the season. I love having a reason to go out and work in the garden long after those first hard frosts. If you have a hoop house, you can work in the ground almost all winter long.

In this video I set up my warren for more perennial production in the future by transplanting asparagus crowns from a nursery bed in my vegetable garden. I’m looking forward to being able to harvest much more asparagus from the nooks of my warren that are currently not producing anything. I also take a trip out to the hoop house to see how my beds of winter greens are doing. Everything I’m growing in the hoop house came from saved seed.

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  1. Brrrrr I’m in Baja Sur and it’s been cold here this winter also. Relatively speaking. We have no insulation and no heaters. The temp lows are in the 50’s and the lowest I can remember is 48. That’s cold in a non insulated home with no windows or heat. We use screens- that fire looks so cozy. But Misery weather and I can’t get along. That’s where me Grandma lived prior to moving to California during WWII.
    I love yr home. My garden is severely neglected because I’m working on the house. Right now in inside walls dividing rooms. I’m using bamboo, my house is made of palm trunks, vástago ( stems from fronds) and cob! It’s slow going as I’m 67 and doing by myself.
    Love what your accomplishing!

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