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Irises are one of the easiest perennial flowering bulbs to grow, and they come in such a huge range of colors, shapes, and sizes that you could never collect them all and never get bored of seeing them each year. Monet was famous for his paintings of irises and kept a large collection in his gardens in Giverny, France for inspiration. These hardy plants can be grown in a large range of soils and climates and deer are not interested in them, so you won’t have to worry about grazing. You will have abundant blooms every year. They also don’t require much in the way of maintenance, just division of the bulbs every few years. If you get a variety with different bloom times, you can ensure color in your garden for several weeks in the spring. There are also reblooming irises that bloom a second time later in the season.

All our irises are grown organically in the Galleons Lap Vineyard at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and shipped to you at the optimal time for planting success. Buy a few of these bulbs and in a couple years you will have dozens more to spread around your garden or share with friends.

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