My Ten Year Old Toothbrush

Part of a hardcore sustainable lifestyle means reducing waste in every action you take.  That’s why I use a toothbrush that’s over ten years old.  How can you possibly use a toothbrush for ten years? You’ll find out when you watch this video.

In a consumer culture where throwing things out after using them briefly has become the norm, reusing something seen as disposable seems odd.  Disposable products require more extraction and waste of resources, and in many circumstances these products could easily be made to last.  Disposability is just another cultural and economic trend that does incredible damage to the environment.  And it increases corporate profits in the short term for sure, but in the long term, wasting resources is actually bad for the economy.


  1. Two things I’m concerned about with this product: the amount of plastic packaging the bristles come in, and the fact they’re made in Germany–how much of a carbon footprint is created shipping them to Missouri. But it’s better than buying a handle each time. There’s also bamboo toothbrushes which can be composted. See


      I agree these aren’t perfect. This is meant to be a step up from all disposables. I think the environmental and labor standards in Germany are far superior to those in China, which is where most disposable toothbrushes are manufactured. The paperboard in the packaging is recycled, the plastic is landfilled, which is not ideal, but far less plastic than 4 toothbrush handles. I’m sure that can be recycled in some areas of the country. Also, any toothbrush I use, aside from one I assembled myself from luffa fiber and rabbit wax, would have to be sent here from afar. Thanks for suggesting the bamboo option, and if Ed Begley uses them, they must be a good product. I did notice that the bristles are plastic and have to be removed before composting. They should make a bamboo version that can have the bristles replaced. I’d switch to that.

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