Intro to Hardcore Sustainable

This is an introduction and trailer to my new Youtube channel Hardcore Sustainable.

This channel will bring you an in-depth look at the techniques and technologies I’ve implemented to reduce my impact on the planet.  Through my channel, you can learn how I live sustainably at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, an intentional community that is a model for creating a sustainable village from the ground up.

The amount of depressing news about the state of the planet can make you feel hopeless about the future of humanity and life on earth as we know it. But the solutions aren’t some great mystery that still has yet to be figured out. Though you won’t hear about it in the media, there is good news.  People around the world are implementing more sustainable systems that could turn around problems like climate change.  But nothing will change if only a small number of people live this way.  You can take what you learn from my channel and apply it to your life to reduce your impact on the planet.


  1. Enjoy your videos and your designs. You mentioned in one of your videos that you made your own insulated window curtains but you didn’t go into much detail. Did you make another video explaining in more detail the materials you used and how you put them together?


      I believe I showed the warm windows fabric in the video. I didn’t go into a whole lot of detail as to how they were made, but they are pretty much the Warm Windows fabric with an ornamental fabric sewn to it. Hope that helps. Maybe sometime i can do a video in more detail about them

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