Kyle’s Crazy House: The Inside Coming Soon Plus Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Visitor Program

If you want to see the biggest collection of natural buildings and tiny houses in the Midwest, or want to live in one of the most radical examples of sustainable living in the country, come visit Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.
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The Neighborhood Soil Making Movement

Josh Whiton from came through St Petersburg, FL last winter teaching classes on community composting, or soil making, as he calls it. He’s organizing an effort to set up neighborhood scale composting worldwide and better connect people to the land and their community. He explains his plans and philosophy around creating a regenerative economy that will restore the planet instead of destroying it.

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My Rice Experiment: What Happened

Earlier in the season I made a video about an impulse purchase of rice seed. Surprisingly rice is grown in southern Missouri, but I’ve never tried it here. This upland rice supposedly doesn’t need as much water as a traditional variety, but we did have a drought this season. I’m hoping to be more successful in future years and start growing this staple that I eat a lot of throughout the year.