Foraging (and Eating) Local Wild Seafood In Florida

I love seafood, but I don’t really eat it in restaurants or the grocery store because the world’s fisheries are so incredibly overfished and depleted from overpopulation of humans and the lack of fishing restrictions in international waters. Fortunately, here in Florida, there are strict limits on commercial fishing and in the coastal waters there are abundant fisheries. My goal since last year has been to set up some crab traps to try to catch stone and blue crabs. This year I finally made it happen, but this video has a surprise seafood ending. I did end up almost catching my limit.

The Strangest Tree I’ve Ever Seen

St Pete is like a botanical garden. In certain yards and neighborhoods there is a diverse landscape of exotic tropical plants. For a gardener and horticulturalist like me, who hasn’t spent much time in the tropics it is an adventure just to ride my bike around. On this trip I happened across a very strange fruit on a strange tree.

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Harnessing Wind Power the Old Fashioned Way: Sailing in the Gulf

My aunt and uncle take me out sailing on a sailboat my uncle built himself. This is wind power technology that humans have been using for thousands of years. I love the feeling of speeding along knowing we are moving without the use of anything but natural power. Maybe next time I can get them to do the entire trip without the motor. I know they have the skills. I’ve only gone sailing sporadically in my life and most of those times were with my aunt and uncle.

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My Florida Adventure Begins

In this video I arrive in Florida and explore the town I’m living in while down here–St Petersburg.  This town has a lot to offer and of all the places I could go to in the horrendously backwards state of Florida, this is probably one of the best.  It’s not that Florida doesn’t have a lot to offer.  If it didn’t, I wouldn’t want to be here. Unfortunately, Florida is a lot more like Disneyworld than it is like the places I’ll be showing you during my time here.