It’s a Vintage Year in my Permaculture Vineyard

This is a little tour of my vineyard from earlier in the year. I plan to post another video of later in the year and the harvest soon. This was a really good season for growing grapes (though it was pretty bad for a lot of other things). The dry weather made perfect, sweet clusters of delicious grapes that will make some good wine.

My Devastated Garden and Summoning My Inner Elmer Fudd

Despite the fact that I live in a place called Dancing Rabbit, I find rabbits to be the worst pest we have in our area. Without a fence around your garden and good protective cages around your fruit trees, you don’t stand a chance of growing your own food. In the last couple of years I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping rabbits out of my garden because my fence was less than reliable. This season my goal was to get some real fencing in my garden and finally make my garden rabbit free. Here’s why, with the help of Home Depot, I failed.

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Harvesting the Smells of Permaculture

Permaculture is all about making the human landscape more natural and productive for our benefit. When people think about a permaculture harvest, they don’t often think about anything but the physical produce, such as fruit or vegetables. There is so much more that comes from our altering of the landscape to suit our needs. The delicious scents of plants might not be tangible, but the benefits they can bring to our lives are. Get out and enjoy them while you can, just like you’d enjoy homegrown sweet corn, or a wild persimmon.

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