A Natural Alternative to Paint for Wood Siding and Fences

I don’t like acrylic and oil based paints. They’re usually derived from fossil fuel and they inevitably peel and need to be scraped and reapplied after several years. In this video, I show you a natural alternative to paint for wood siding and other outdoor wood applications. The ingredients for this natural paint are derived from plants and this alternative doesn’t peel or fade. It’s cheaper to make than synthetic paints and incredibly easy to mix up from basic ingredients. With just raw linseed oil, turpentine, and earth pigments you can throw together this natural finish for any outdoor wood product. It’s the perfect choice for painting wood siding on a house, a fence, or any outdoor wood product or project.

Wood Treatment Recipe
2 parts Turpentine
3 parts Raw Linseed Oil
Earth pigment to taste

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