How Sustainable Living Prepared Me for a Pandemic

I return to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for this video to talk about what awaited me on my return and how I was appreciating sustainable living systems I have set up because they have also prepared me in many ways for a pandemic. I have rainwater catchment, solar power, perennial fruit plants, seed supplies, renewable fuels, lots of food stores, some I grew myself and some purchased, and of course TP.

Do THIS to your Fruit Trees in the Spring for a HUGE Harvest

I’m posting this video a little ahead of the season but it will help you hit the ground running. In a time of pandemic, we need to do all we can to ensure our food security and get a bigger harvest, so it’s no time to neglect your fruit trees. If anything it’s a time to planting more of them in your yard. Every year I spend a little extra time doing a simple maintenance task for my fruit trees and it not only makes the fruit a lot bigger, it reduces insect pests and produces more perfect fruit. Some people scoff at thinning fruit trees because they think it’s too much work, but it can make a huge difference in the harvest and in controlling insect pests and disease.

Earthen Floor Destroyed and Rebuilt, Start to Finish | Almost No Talking

I already posted a few videos of this process, but this is the whole process in one video with no explanation, just showing the process. This includes footage not seen in the other videos. This is more like infotainment.

Finishing My Earthen Floor Redo | Resurfacing and Protecting

This is the final installment of my earthen floor redo. In this video we see how the final floor turned out. I reused the old floor material for most of the floor, but for this last surface layer mixed up a whole new batch of fresh plaster. Once the layer dried thoroughly I applied linseed oil.

Linseed oil will act as a protector because the oil can dry and solidify, making a traffic proof smooth floor for everyday living. If you do it right, you will have a surface that you can walk on and use like you would any other hard floor, but it has the feel of something softer, like cork.

Redoing An Earthen Floor | Part 2 Perlite Insulation

Redoing my earthen floor was a major project last fall. But the great thing about natural building is that you just add water to the old floor material and use it to make the new one. But this was still quite a project. Last video I discovered that my light clay straw insulation had disintegrated and turned to compost, so this time I insulated with perlite.